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Annika Varjonen
Annika Varjonen
Strategy VisualizersGraphic Facilitator

We work together with Annika on facilitation sessions, conference implementation days, as well as strategy creation and communication processes. Annika's real-time graphic facilitation adds an extra layer of impact into Xpedio's facilitation. Her drawings create an immediate feedback loop to the dialogue, and support the sense-making process. Used post-session, the illustrations activate emotional links to session content. Strategy visualisations support the strategy facilitation process by making the results visible and communicable.

In her 25+ year career, Annika has worked within all industries, predominantly with international high-tech companies. She's worked on all sorts of topics, and the body of her work has been on strategy development & communication, leadership development and scenario planning. Her working languages are Finnish and English, and she's worked within a wide range of cultures, including the Middle-East, USA and Asia.

Before establishing Visual Impact Helsinki Ltd in 1996, Annika studied Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design and worked at Writers' Studio as an advertising copywriter/art director. In 2000-2001, she worked as a change management consultant at Accenture.

Annika is inspired by complex issues, human capacity for making connections. She loves to travel on tangents and explore the synchronicities along the way.

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