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5 tips to build connection in remote meetings
As organizations around world have suddenly had to move all their non-manufacturing work to home offices, a remote meeting is not anymore just an occasional forum for co-working ...
Who´s to blame? Breaking the habit of pointing fingers.
Do you know the feeling when you are supposed to do your tasks and something you need is just not there? What are your first reactions, at home or at work?
There’s no going back – and facilitation needs to change also
I so miss meeting people with physical and social closeness, without screens, without concerns, without masks or obsession with hand sanitizers. Just enjoy the moment of being together. Do you feel the same?
Leadership is not anymore for bosses only
People don’t leave jobs but bosses. This saying may sound a cliché, but at the same time it is more true than ever. When there is tough competition of skilled experts...

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